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Services & Pricing

Potty Visit

15min - $12

Great for puppies!

Reinforce potty training, and start developing good kennel habits.

Also great for older dogs, who may have physical restrictions, or low energy.

Basic Walk

30min - $18

Most popular choice

Lets your dog enjoy a nice walk to do his/her business and enjoy some fresh air. 

Best for dogs with medium energy who need a little mid-day exercise.

Intermediate Walk

45min - $21

Great for dogs with above average energy that need that extra time on walks. They will get great exercise, and practice loose leash walking!

A tired Pup is a good Pup!

Advanced Walk

1hr - $28

Great for very high energy dogs who need extra exercise to tire them out.

If you live near a park and/or dog park, you can substitute the walk for a game of fetch or a fun day with Furry Friends!

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