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Happy National Dog Day to all the awesome pups out there, especially my silly girl Athena

Hola, Hello!

I'm Rubi a passionate entrepreneur, and a certified dog trainer, who is a firm believer in the importance of work-life balance. I studied at Animal Behavior College and graduated as a ABCDT with Honors in 2014. Then I started my own dog training company Pawsitive Pets in 2015, and I have helped many family dogs settle into their new home, but I have also learned so much from them in listening to how they communicate. These experiences fuel my creativity and inspire me to bring fresh perspectives to my teachings. I believe in the power of transformation and the potential for growth in every individual through positive reinforcement!

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My Story

When I was young, my heart was always set on one thing - a dog. The idea of an animal offering unconditional love was irresistible. Whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always the same: a Veterinarian (even though I couldn't pronounce it correctly). I was certain that my future lay in working with animals. However, as I grew older, I discovered an unexpected hurdle - a phobia of needles. This made the prospect of becoming a Vet less appealing.

At the age of 16, I had the amazing opportunity to start my first job as a Martial Arts instructor. I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity and spent a fulfilling decade there. What I learned during those years was that I had a passion for teaching. I especially enjoyed working with my younger students. Their energy was infectious and they kept me on my toes, constantly challenging me to be a better instructor.

After much introspection, I realized that I could merge my two passions - animals and teaching. I found a school program that offered a course in dog training. To graduate, I had to volunteer many hours at a local animal shelter. This experience was eye-opening. I saw how many dogs were given up by their owners, when all they needed was some guidance and obedience training. It was a heartbreaking realization, but it also strengthened my resolve to make a difference.

I enrolled in the program, studied diligently, and graduated as a Certified Dog Trainer with Honors. It was a proud moment, a culmination of my childhood dreams and adult passions. Now, my mission is to help dog owners integrate their pets seamlessly into their lives, to find a balance. I believe that owning a dog should not be a chore or a burden, but a joyous part of everyday life, and with the right training, I know it's possible!


I'm here to help pet parents. Let's connect.

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