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Train - Exercise - Reward

Athena wearing my hat
Athena my 3 year old Shih Tzu/Maltese Mix

As a dog trainer I was quick to realize just how unique each and every dog is. Even dogs of the same breed aren't exactly the same because they all have their own personality. It is my personal experience that if you instill 3 simple basic fundamentals you will have a happy pup. Those 3 Basic Fundamentals are Train, Exercise, and Reward! It's that easy! Every dog has their own strengths and weaknesses which requires a different amount of focus on each of these fundamentals.


I believe all dogs should have a basic level of training. Just like humans have basic manners (Please, Excuse Me, and Thank You), I believe dogs should too (Sit, Stay, and Come). Having a well-trained dog develops an unbreakable bond between you and your pup. Some dogs pick up training really easily and can learn different tricks and commands in a blink of an eye. Other dogs can have a difficult time mastering the basics, for various reasons; However with positive persistent training every dog can learn to become human's best friend.


A Tired Dog is a Good Dog.

This quote is one of the truest sayings out there. One of the best ways to prevent destructive behavior is making sure your dog gets daily exercise. Every dog is a little different, some dogs get tired after a 30 minute walk or game of fetch. Others need an hour run or an hour of play at a dog park. When you figure out what your dogs energy level is, it becomes essential as an owner to make sure you direct your dogs energy constructively.


As humans we love to be rewarded in one way or another. We play games for trophies, we work to get paid, and we volunteer our time to charity rewarding us with the joy and pleasure that comes with helping others. Like us, dogs love getting rewarded too. You can think of treats as money; If your dog performs an exceptional command or technique you could pay with treats. Toys are a fantastic way of giving your dog a "trophy" or "puppy Oscar" for playing the roll of a good dog. The most heart warming way of giving a reward is through love and attention. A good belly rub can go a long way as one of the most basic forms of communicating with your dog. It expresses your love towards them just for being themselves.

My Train, Exercise, and Reward program evolves your dog to become the perfect addition to your family.

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